Friday, June 22, 2007

What Sucks...Elephantiasis

Oh man.

I think when it becomes time to open the Suck Hall of Fame, which by the way would be located in either Detroit, Patterson, NJ or Orlando, Florida (all are making competitive bids), maybe the 1st inductee is “Elephantiasis”.

A lot of people will tell you elephantiasis’ suck story begins in parasitic worms, but that’s not exactly true, where it really starts is in bacteria INSIDE of parasitic worms. Another of the many wonderful diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, the worms are injected into the victim’s bloodstream where they replicate and can live for many years. That’s right a person can have elephantiasis for some time and not know about it, until of course, they wake up one day and their balls are very scaly and weigh 47 pounds. (22 kilograms).

Think it can’t happen to you? So did the 120 million people across the world who it effects, 40 million of whom have serious cases.

Not disgusted enough by the pictures here and want to see it’s ravaging effect on nuts? Click here, perv.

By the way, great disease for which there is no vaccine. Way to go, God.

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mickey said...

def sux