Thursday, June 28, 2007

What Sucks…Link Dump: Other Sites In The War On Suckage

There are many people on the net railing against things that suck, they just seem to be a little more specific with their targets. Check ‘em out!

Here’s a guy who has narrowed down his suck war to only the city of Orlando. Take a look, at, suffice to say, this dude thinks Orlando, birthplace of the boy band, sucks. He may have a point.

Here are some people who are very anti-milk. Check them out at Warning, if you drink milk, or have a baby that drinks milk, proceed with caution. They talk some serious shit about milk. Lastly, let me say, go up to these people and say “got milk?” and walk away with a boot in your ass.

These guys get very specific. Their message? The sport of fencing sucks. Seriously, there is a lot of material here on how fencing sucks, like more than I thought there would be. Check it out- it’s an interesting read, and if you’re into fencing, I’m sure, hilarious.

Here’s an interesting choice- a group dedicated to pointing out what they think sucks, only to ironically, suck themselves…check out their site, where they make basically no sense. One argument they pose against evolution actually contains an “LOL” in it.

And here's a new site I'm writing's about sports, an has some pretty good writers working on it- check it out. .

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