Friday, May 25, 2007

What Sucks…John Rambo

So they’re just gonna release the trailer for “John Rambo” (warning its very violent, warning 2- the White Shadow guy is in it) and act all normal, like there’s nothing to explain? Like there’s nothing to talk about regarding, oh I don’t know, Rambo III?

Rambo III never happened? Is that the idea? Cause, I saw it and, you know, it doesn’t age well.

“Birth Of A Nation” ages better. Really.

Maybe “John Rambo” will at least answer some of the questions left over from the last Rambo movie- like “What’s up with joining the Mujahideen and working for the freedom of the guys who would one day plan 9-11”? And, “Seriously, what’s up with what I just asked in that first question?”

Maybe “John Rambo” it will be better than the last Rambo III, and by “better than Rambo III”, let me say, maybe it WON’T include the star of the film joining forces with the same people who planned and perpetrated the single most horrible attack on American soil.

It’s got to be better, right? Cause save me some time right now- he doesn’t join Hezbollah, right?

And by the way, is it time we stop calling on Rambo as an operative? He’s 60 years old and his last time out he enabled the birth of the Taliban. He’s lucky he’s not in GITMO.

Rambo is back, and...feeling a little awkward about the whole helping the 9-11 guys thing.


Mickey said...

John rambo? Hey at 60 you'll need steroids and just 4 men too .

matinee idle

Anonymous said...

Did you ever considered that the Talibans have become your enemies very recently?

Maybe if western countries weren't so busy exploiting other and imposing neoliberalism, such fanatic groups wouldn't have arised

David said...

I know right? The U.S. supplied them with stingers and Rambo. Then we took back Rambo and they got mad. It's not Rambo's fault, although I understand your position as a bandwagon Stallone hater. Most struggling comedians tend to take easy shots to get attention. But seriosuly, what sucks is how ignorant you made yourself seem just to make a lame joke that's already been done a million times for.. ooooh, 20 years (Razzies: Rambo 3). You're lucky Rambo doesn't get Broadband out in Thailand.

Anonymous said...

What the hell are you two talking about?