Thursday, May 17, 2007

What Sucks…American Idol, America At Voting

I’m sick of writing about this show but each week it finds a new way to suck and I feel duty bound to talk about it.

American Idol voters have spoken and what they have is "we're idiots". Last night, America voted off Melinda, the clearly the best singer on American Idol, choosing instead a 17 year old and a dude who beat boxes constantly and who is in his “comfort zone” when singing the music of Maroon 5.

Today, there will be a backlash against Melinda. People will say she lacked a certain charisma and that must have lead to her downfall. This is not true. Her downfall was cause by American’s inability to vote for good candidates.

Lack of charisma? Why? Because she chose to expertly sing every song she sung and NOT beat box? So charisma = beat boxing and NOT being a polished professional? Bullshit. She lost because America, as it showed when they voted for George W. Bush, Vince Carter for an NBA All-Star game start and Nickelback for a People’s Choice Award winner, screwed the pooch on a vote again.

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Anonymous said...

On the bright side, we can all stop watching now.