Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What Sucks...A Tribute To Jerry Falwell

The world of Suckage took a major blow today with the death of Jerry Falwell. Today, we pay tribute to him and list some of the things he would list if he ran “What Sucks”.

What Sucks…Tele-Tubbies, Specifically “Tiny Winky”

Come on, these things are way gay. Look at the purple triangle, what’s in his purse for Christ-sakes, a dick?

What Sucks…Homosexuals, Feminists, The ACLU and Pagans (But Mostly Homosexuals)

Way to go, way to cause 9-11. I hope you’re happy.

What Sucks…Bill Clinton

Hey, nice job killing Vince Foster and smuggling coke into the US!

What Sucks…Dinosaurs

Hey, how’s it feel to be only 3000 years old! Well, at least I believe you existed!

What Sucks…Global Warming

You’re a myth! You know how I know? Because I’ve taken a look at it over the past couple of years, and that’s what I think!


Anonymous said...

So... is he gonna be buried where chickens can shit on him?

Fat mahfah.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the Reaper didn't get a shout out this time... I guess he's off the shit list for now.