Thursday, May 17, 2007

A 'What Sucks' Idiot Quiz

Question 1:

Which one of these is Alan Alda?
A) Alan Alda
B) John Tesh

Question 2:

Which one of these is John Tesh?
A) Alan Alda
B) John Tesh

You have 3 weeks to complete the exam. Good luck.


Jenna said...

I have ADHD, so I think it is only fair I should get an extra week to complete the quiz.

Anonymousfornow said...

I freeze up. I would also like an extra week.

Susie said...


warlover said...

this is dumbest ting i see al day. i tink i be bettr of stiking to skool

Anonymous said...

That is probz da most retared thing.
Get it off, now!!
It sux!!!
Luv Lu

Anonymous said...

i left the last comment, n dis sux ass