Thursday, April 26, 2007

What Sucks....Things That Suck About Lost V. 4: Who Really Wants To Leave The Island?

At this point I don't think any of these people want really want to leave the Island. Seriously, name one-


And go back to the wheelchair? No thanks.


And go back to a life where he's a rage-aholic hitman who shoots blanks and whose wife cheats on him because he can't deal with his parents being blue collar? No thanks.


And go back to Iraq? Say what you will about an Island with a smog monster, Polar Bears and the Others running around- it’s safer than Baghdad. No thanks.


And go back to being a junkie, one-hit wonder? Off the Island he’s one of the Corey’s. On the Island he’s a bottle of wine away from doing the nasty with Claire.

That's 4 people right off the bat who ain't leaving. Throw in Kate, who doesn't have to run from the law for the 1st time in years, Rose, who is no longer dying of a terminal illness and the rescue plane, when it comes, is gonna have a lot of room in it.


Anonymousfornow said...

At first glance, I thought this was gonna be about Gilligan's Island. I'm getting fuckin' old.

dehumidifier said...

Sawyer "fishbiscuit" wants off. I just know it.

Sebastian said...

At least check your spelling man.

Reading this post makes me wonder whether you are seven years old and how you manage to link images correctly but are unable to spell "because". Phew...

Chris DeLuca said...

Everyone, let's all be there for Sebastian during this very first, trying time in which someone typed something wrong.

stay strong dude, it's gonna be okay.

Anonymousfornow said...

I didn't notice any trivial spelling errors and I'm much more literary than Sebastion. Also, I'm not a nitpicking asshole.

Anonymous said...

Eye re-red it too times and didint sea anything rong. Sebastian is clearly a dick, with a shitty name.

Anyway... Claire has horrible taste in men. First there was that dead beat dad that ran away when she got pregnant, now there's Charlie the junkie midget from a crappy band. He's easily the most annoying character on the show. I don't know why whatshisname won't just let him die.

Chris DeLuca said...

I fixed the typo (didn't want to push Sebastian further to the edge.)

Good point about Desmond tho-

Anonymous said...

RE: Claire's taste in men

Who's next? That dick Sebastian?