Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What Sucks...The Whole “The Day The Music Died” Thing

Something about this has always bothered me.

Yes I know Buddy Holly was killed and while that is tragic, music did not die that day. Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper did. Richie Valens & Big Bopper do not equal music.

Imagine today if a plane carrying Phil Stacey, Fergie, and that Iron & Wine guy crashed in a field in Iowa. Would anyone be saying music died? No.

The other thing is, years later when John Lennon was killed- murdered no less- no one pronounced loudly enough that THAT was the day “music died”. As a result, the day widely associated with “music’s death”- is the day when the dude who sung “Chantilly Lace” crashed in a plane. Just doesn’t seem right.

Granted I wasn’t around back then but if I came into work the next day and someone told me music was dead, I’d be like “Fuck! Elvis died?”

“Ahh, no.”

“Johnny Cash?”


“Jerry Lee Lewis?”


“Chuck Berry?”


“Roy Orbison? Carl Perkins? Little Richard? James Brown?”


Cut to hands spinning around a clock showing the passing of time.

“…and it’s not Chuck Berry?”


“Fats Domino?”


“Sigh. That guy who does ‘Rock Around the Clock’”?

“Bill Haley?”



“Who then?”

“…The guy who sang “La Bamba”?


“And the guy who sang ‘Chantilly Lace’.”

“I see. Dude, music is still alive.”


Anonymous said...

May they rest in peace...

anonymousfornow said...

May they rest in peace...

Bob said...

May they rest in peace...

Anonymous said...

may they rest in pieces...

dehumidifier said...

I hope they spring forth from the grave and roam the earth as musical zombies.

I would totally see that concert!

Rick D said...

I've got to take a piece, also, that was pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

"The Day The Music Died" refers to the decade or so following the plane crash, not just that day.

alex xander said...
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