Thursday, April 12, 2007

What Sucks...The Anti-Semitic Plot Line in Porky’s

How did this happen? One second I’m an 11 year old watching the greatest movie ever- boobs, car chases, girls showering, dick jokes, more boobs- and the next minute I’m at an Elie Wiesel lecture on tolerance.

What cross-section of movie-goers was this film aimed at? Horny dudes who worked at the ADL? What was the lesson? Watching high school girls take a shower in their locker room, knows no religious affiliation? It was like Russ Meyer and Simon Wiesenthal sat down and wrote a screenplay. (Wiesenthal was the one who came up with the hilarious Kim Cattrall / Lassie gag and the “I know that penis has a mole” call back at the end of the film).

Still, Porky’s is a must see- I wish I could say the same for “Where The Boys Are: Gaza Strip!”

Tits and a lesson?

(This posting is dedicated to Bob Clark. RIP)

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