Friday, April 27, 2007

What Sucks...Quick Hits!

The Show “Numb3rs” (sic)

A show about a guy who uses math to solve crimes. How the hell did this thing get on the air? With all the Law and Orders and CSI’s, how exhausted is the idea of a detective show that someone’s “new twist” was “Hey, what if this guy did math?” Also, why randomly spell “Numbers” with a “3”? That makes no sense.

The Term “Salad Days”

I don’t get it. The phrase is supposed to bring to mind the best of times- your absolute prime, days when you sat above it all, high on the mountain top and…ate salad? WTF?


Translated, it literally means “liver sausage” (thanks Wikipedia!). Nasty. Does anyone really know what this is made of? I mean I suppose a component of it is liver, but after that the phrase “other meat parts” is often invoked.


Think the above image is disturbing, think how the 13% of my readers who are “into feet” feel. Humans are underratedly gross animals.

John Mark Karr

Equal parts a-hole and perv, well, maybe more of a perv, but still an a-hole, this douchebag confesses to killing JonBenet while in Thailand (a huge hot spot for pervs), trudges the whole thing back up into the spotlight after a decade, then it turns out he was just making it up and was actually at home during the time of the killing. (Mini-quick hit, the Boulder Police for not calling this perv’s ex wife for the alibi!)


dehumidifier said...

How is Numbers still on the air. Does CBS even cancel shows anymore?

Anonymous said...

Is that a corn or a planter's wort? Either way- still gross.

Anonymous said...

Dude: Thailand is not the place for pervs. Look at USA. Number one country in sexual crimes, drug consume and crazy people with guns (just to mention a few things)

Chris DeLuca said...

How 'bout #1 vacation spot for US pervs?