Thursday, April 26, 2007

What Sucks…People Magazine

Define “beautiful”.

“Having a great publicist”? Then yeah, I’m all right with this cover.

What is this, 1994?...AFTER a nuclear accident wipes out Winona Ryder, Bridget Fonda, Lauren Holly and Madeline Stowe? (Man, other than Winona in her prime, we were hurting for hot chicks in that era!)

Look, Drew’s cute and everything. I liked her in Wedding Singer and she was in ET and all, and she does a good job when she hosts SNL- but “The Most Beautiful 2007”? How do I put this gingerly? Ah, no fucking way.

In 2007, Jessica’s Beil, Alba and Kelly Brook should be splitting every award for anything involving the word “beautiful” until further notice.


Anonymousfornow said...

It's 100!! Not the top 10 or 20!...Or 30! Or 40, 50,60,70,80, or 90!!!

Maybe there is room for her at the bottom.

Anonymous said...

And they suck even worse today. Their writers are horrible.

Sandra said...

People mag is garbage. They hate anything traditional. .