Friday, April 06, 2007

What Sucks...Hoboken Edition

I did a version of What Sucks for the very cool Hoboken Blog Hoboken411. It's run by a dude named Perry and it's really blowing up- even getting banned by the mayor in city hall! (Check out Hoboken411 for the play by play on that one).

Hoboken is a crazy town- and I really dig it. It's one of those places where every other door is either a church or a bar. The thing I wrote about? They’re opening a big-ass CVS in a place where, well, we really don’t need a CVS- we have 5 CVS’ and Rite Aids in one mile radius.

Are you asleep yet?

So anyway, the reaction was enormous, they are rioting in the streets in Hoboken. It's out of control. As of this posting 24 comments were made. One guy called me a tool, asked if I was a comedian and then told me not to quit my day job- hey knuckehead, my day job IS being a comedian.

Another person was offended with the term "Sucks".

Come see what everyone was so under-whelmed with.

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Anonymous said...

fight the power, Chris.