Friday, April 20, 2007

What Sucks…Dove's “Pro-Age” Ads: Perv Watch V.10

I’m not sure I want to buy their soap, but these ads definitely make me want to take a shower. Either way, pervs who want to show old ladies naked have burst into the advertising world and it is a very dangerous time.

Now of course I do realize that there are a lot of naïve people out there who feel pervs are not behind this. Ironically, statistics say a large demographic of females, women 35 to 60, are among the ad’s most vocal supporters- actually ranking second, behind of course, “Dudes too embarrassed to buy 'Over 50'". Truth be told, they are tied for second with “Guys Who Read 'Gummers'".

By the way, did you like that 1st link, perv? Not what you expected, huh? If you clicked on the second, you should make a donation and then MAYBE G-d will let you into heaven, perv.

So yes, this campaign is the work of pervs and before I start getting a huge backlash here like I did for the Queen’s Greatest Hits post- like I’m sure any of you bastards have “Play The Game” or “Keep Yourself Alive” on your iPod- I’ll tell you why.

You see, these ads here purport to celebrate women aging, but take a closer look, if you can stomach it, and you’ll realize that even the “old”, “non-conventional” women they are celebrating, are models.

I mean how many of us have that aunt whose thighs are so big they touch each other...on both sides? Or a grandmother whose beard would put a fundamentalist Muslim cleric to shame? Where are THEIR commercials?

And before you berate me for shitting on Dove, ask yourself, how bad do these ads make the average, run of the mill, everyday woman feel, when in a campaign designed to celebrate their numerous wrinkles, crows feet, and vagina stomachs, they are left on the outside looking in?

So I’ll say it, Dove’s marketing department- pervs.


tara said...

Yeah cause don't think being old gets you off the hook from having to have perfectly smooth, hairless skin on every inch of you. Don't think we forgot.

anonymousfornow said...

I find this all very unsettling (disgusting even). Why don't we go back to the Queen thing again...?

Anonymous said...

I think this is hot, does that make me a perv?