Monday, April 23, 2007

What Sucks Presents...Where Are They Now?

Abe Lincoln…

Our 16th President.


Thomas Alva Edison...

He invented the lightbulb!

Dead, in a coffin!

Former Soviet Leader Leonid Brezhnev-

He replaced Nikita Khrushchev!

Dead. Buried in the Kremlin wall!

Lebanese-American Comedian Danny Thomas…

He starred in "Father Knows Best"!

Dead! In a mausoleum!


anonymousfornow said...

Ahhhh, but where's Elvis?

Dan Fiorella said...

Danny Thomas..."Make Room For Daddy." "Father Knows Best" was Robert Young and he's....dead.

Chris DeLuca said...

oh my god- that's right!

I stand corrected, although he is dead.