Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What Sucks…The Girl Crying On American Idol Last Night


Good Lord, that was creepy. What the hell was going on there? What the hell was wrong with that kid?

I have to admit, I’m a little bit thrown and at a loss. There I was, enjoying Haley’s awkward “My only shot is to give Simon wood” Coming Out party, and all of a sudden we cut to this girl crying hysterically in the audience.

That was troubling. Seriously, I am bothered. What is she crying like that for? The music? Was it like a “I’m so into this music I have to cry” thing? Should anyone be crying over American Idol music like that? Where were her parents? I don’t care if you’re a kid, you should be told not to cry like that over shitty music coming from the guy on Idol everyone votes for ironically. This girl may have ruined this show for me.

Even Ryan was thrown- he stops the show and asks her if she is okay. He was right- I thought by the look on her face she had been stabbed. You’re telling me they were tears of joy? Weird and creepy.

You know, now that I think about it, I have to say, kids have really been dicks lately. They suck. And when a kid sucks, I have to call it out. There is no solace for kids on this blog. As a matter of fact, let’s count them down in the the 1st ever, “What-Sucks Top 3 A-hole Kids in the World” countdown…


That 12 year-old numb nuts who wandered away from his campsite because he “didn’t want to go camping anymore” and tried to hitch hike home. 3 days and a massive manhunt later, he’s found. Hey kid- you almost died- its not like your 6 or something- you’re 12. Get your shit together. You upset an entire community and embarrassed the shit out of your dad.


This winner, from Florida (surprise) who broke into someone’s house because she was "bored". The owner of the house catches her and ends up kicking her ass before realizing that under her ski-mask, it was a girl. Hey kid, you’re one of the few 17 year old girls in Florida not on Meth, and you’re breaking into homes because you’re bored? If you’re bored, do Meth!

And the #1 A-hole kid:

I don’t know if I can forgive this girl. I need an explanation- I mean #3 was in the Boy Scouts, so he may have been trying to get away from one of the many pedophiles who work as Scout Masters in that “anti-gay” organization, which only makes the news when they are discriminating against gay kids or one of their scout masters is arrested.

#2 lives in Florida, so you know, enough said.

But Ashley, she just seems like she’s really into American Idol. That may not be good enough for me.


Anonymous said...

Chris De Luca I love you

Petiny said...

Like I said many many times:

American Idol sux as a whole.

Joanna Childsface said...

That girl was on tv today, and it turns out she was a plant!
American Idol is so effing fake, everything from the Randy's "dawg"s to the awkwardly forced banter to Ryan Seacrests sexuality.
The producers took her from a taping of Jeff Foxworthy's game show to the A.I. rehearsal and then showed her crying that night to keep that creepy Sanjia kid on.
ps- love the blog, you're hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I thought that first picture was of a young Drew Barrymore.

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.