Monday, March 26, 2007

What Sucks...Picklephobia!

I’m no shrink and I certainly don’t want to be overly vulgar, but someone doesn’t react this way to a pickle without at one time, having been forced to have one in her.

Shame on Maury for exploiting her fear and having her try to confront her behavior on his show. Did he not notice all the clear signs of "pickle abuse"? For instance, look at the way she freaks out when she sees the pickle- and then of course is...the way she freaks out about the pickle.


Jenna said...

I know when I'm really upset and can't compose myself, someone leaning in close and yelling "STOP SHAKING!" is very comforting.

Petiny said...

I'm little bit mixed up now from this video.In my opinion both sides have something I disagree with.

LA said...

What REALLY sucks is that this passes for television programming.