Friday, March 16, 2007

What Sucks...Overheard In Baghdad

Class Clown…
Student at Madrasah: Homework on a Friday? Let me guess- memorize the Qur'an.
Teacher at Madrasah: For everyone else memorize the Qur'an- for YOU, Mr. Wiseguy, memorize and COPY!
Student #1: Aw, man!

overheard by: StraightA's

Squash the Squash…
Secular Man Selling Vegetables: Can I help you?
Religious Extremist; These vegetables you are selling- they are against our Sharia Law. Remove them at once!
Man Selling Vegetables: What are you talking about? This is a squash?
Religious Extremist (TO MEN HE IS WITH): Kill him with a drill.
Man Selling Vegetables: All right, forget the vegetables!

overheard by: BobGanoosh

There IS good news…
Neighbor #1: Hey, did you hear about that school the Americans opened up?
Neighbor #2: No, where is it?
Neighbor #1: Half a mile down the road, make a left at the 5th car on fire and its right there next to the mass grave.

overheard by: Hookaman

How ‘bout a house call?
Man Bleeding On Street: Ahh! I took some serious shrapnel from that car bomb! Get me a doctor!
Bystander: I will try, but hospitals are at their limit and most of our doctors have moved away!

overheard by: Chala-lie

If You Say They’re Mormon, I’m Mormon Too!
Sunni Man (AFTER ANSWERING HIS FRONT DOOR): What do you mean, “Am I Sunni or Shi’a?” Which are you?
Shi’a Man, Leading Pack of Men Going House To House: I am Shi’a. And so are these 10 men behind me.
Sunni Man: (LAUGHS) Oh, ha, ha- yes, I am Shi’a too.

overheard by: Neighborhoodwatched

Overheard in New York

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