Friday, March 02, 2007

What Sucks...Our Healthcare System

I don't want to preach or anything about our healthcare system, but come on! Does this mean it's easier to stay in the big house than get a job with bennies? I mean what happens when someone gets shivved? Are they like- “This sucks and all, but at least it happened when I was on the inside!” I may have to get my appendix out- should I knock over a liquor store?

And another thing, in the lower left hand corner of the above- can someone tell me why the Army Secretary is laughing? Hey A-hole, you just don’t get it- the conditions at Walter Reed are deplorable not hilarious!

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Anonymous said...

Pets need universal health care not people!

All the losers without insurance --like me --can go to the emergency room. Try and tell your Vet that Rover needs life saving attention on the cuff and see how fast he gets out the euthenasia needle.

How's your pet snake coming along? I hope you didn't eat it like the Iguana --and speaking of snakes -- my wife wants your pickle.