Monday, March 12, 2007

What Sucks…Bathrooms In Airports

Is there a reason why every time I walk into one of these things there’s always some dude at the sink in the middle of a manual bath? Shower at home!

Yeah, I don’t belong to one of those airline clubs where you wait in that special area, away from the masses and use their what I assume are immaculate bathrooms- but then again, is it asking too much to do “wee-wee” without being exposed to e-coli? It’s like a germ Epcot Center in there- I’ve personally seen people flying into Calcutta avoid the restrooms at LaGuardia saying they’ll just hold it in till they get home.

And it’s not just the fault of the people who work at the airport. I think we can all make a better effort to make the place less of a Bacteria Woodstock. Like for example, without getting too graphic, aim AWAY from anything resembling a floor or a seat. Also, let’s remove any nesting materials you may have built after you’ve used the bathroom- the next guy certainly is not going to touch them, and it only becomes a matter of time before every stall has some sort of disgusting paper mache sculpture in there.

And as far as the airport staff goes, yeah- how ‘bout having someone clean the place? It’s an airport- I’m sure there’s a Hazmat suit laying around somewhere.


piglet said...

This one has a nice curmudgeon-like quality to it.

Anonymous said...

The worst airport toilets are at the small boarder airstrip of Poi Pet in Cambodia - Trust me! Incidentally, Richard Jeni shooting himself in the face also sucks.