Monday, March 05, 2007

What Sucks...Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter struck again this weekend speaking out at the Conservative Political Action Conference, endorsing Mitt Romney and in the process calling John Edwards a “faggot”.

For me, it was kind of a bitter-sweet moment, yes Coulter is a repugnant pig and a high ranking member of the “I Wouldn’t Fuck Her With a Stolen Dick” club, but she was also the 1st ever “What-Sucks” entry and while it makes me beam with pride to see her so committed to sucking, I do have to weigh in on her latest foray into sucksville.

You can go back and forth on this all night but what many will say is this- the more she continues to say such inflammatory things, the more harm she does to her cause. I agree. You have to ask after this latest incident, who is going to take anything the "Association of Women With Huge Adam’s Apples" says seriously?

Now listen, I would never tell the "Association of Women With Huge Adam’s Apples" how to run their organization. Believe me, they have many qualified people over there with Adam's Apples a lot more prominent than mine to make their decisions and they don’t need any help from me- BUT, if I were to suggest something, you have to believe I’d say they need to release a statement ASAP to distance themselves from this man/ women.

“Women With Giant Dicks” already has.

And with the "Eva Braun Society" getting ready to release their statement, you folks at the "Women With Huge Adam's Apples" don't want to be the only ones out there holding the bag.

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dehumidifier said...

the only way to stop her is to not give her any press coverage whatsoever, reducing her to schizophrenic street preacher status.