Thursday, March 22, 2007

What Sucks...American Idol

I used to think this whole Sanjaya thing was about a group of Americans ironically voting for a guy who sucks in order to take the piss out of a TV show. But last night Sanjaya, the douchebag who’s performance of "You Really Got Me” the other night would have gotten him voted off “Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Idol”, didn’t even finish in the bottom three.

That means that people out there are actually voting for him. There is no way there’s that many ironic people in the US in on this joke to get this guy the votes he would need to escape the bottom three. People are actually voting for him, non-ironically.


So that, combined with live performances from Peter Noone and Lulu- (WTF? Mohegan Sun gets better bookings) made last night’s American Idol the worst episode of this season.

On top of the skeleton’s performing we also lose another good-looking girl, all so you can yuck it up about Sanjaya making it onto the national tour team. Hey America, you suck at voting- when you start playing the ironic voting games, make sure to kick a guy off the show that night, not the last remaining good looking girl!

Yeah, Sayjaya’s still there, hilarious, we’ve lost the internet whore Antonella*, Alaina, Stephanie Edwards (who could actually sing) and Sabrina Sloan (who could also sing).

You people out there wanting so much to not make this a singing competition are leaving us with Melinda, LaKeisha, Jordin and Gina- YOU’RE MAKING IT A SINGING COMPETITION!

Finally, what the hell am I doing? This is not an American Idol blog, I should be ashamed.

The Departed.


What Sucks…That Whole Antonella Barba Fake/ Real Photo Thing

I love how some of the raunchier photos were said to be fake- and then everyone is just like “Oh, okay.” and drops it.

Like all of a sudden it’s NOT a story that some OTHER girl would make her self up like Antonella Barba, a reality show contestant, and be photographed taking a dick into her mouth. No one asked any questions- like who is the fake Antonella? And why would anyone dress up as a reality show contestant, put a dick in her mouth and be photographed with the intent to have the picture distributed on the net? All to bring down someone who is a contestant on American Idol?

What was that all about? Worst thought out get-rich quick scheme ever.

That doesn’t seem messed up to anyone? Seymour Hirsch can’t uncover everything people, let’s get on the ball out there!


Ben said...

I hope you sent this link to Sy Hersh's publicist for his clip file.

Anonymous said...

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Jason - GorillaSushi said...

He's got Howard Stern, and all of the call centers in India behind him. So America is repeatedly voting for the crappiest candidate...sounds familiar.

Anonymous said...

You're a pretty negative fellow aren't you. Oh well, I got a great chuckle reading your comments.
Really, Sanjaya wasn't that bad now.