Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What Sucks: Quick Hits!

…Brussels Sprouts
Nasty mini-cabbages, is there anyone who likes these things?

…Ace of Base

I saw the sign? The sign says “Not As Good As ABBA, and ABBA Sucks!”

…Pol Pot
The brutal leader of the Khemer Rouge- he was responsible for the “Killing Fields” and the loss of millions of lives.

...Hospital Gowns
How uncomfortable! Who needs living with the fear that your junk could fall out at any minute? Is this the best medical science can do?

…Stubbing Your Toe
What is it? Clumsiness? Carelessness? The number one cause of broken toes!

Eva Braun…
She loved HITLER! Nice taste in men- what kind of self esteem issues were going on here?


Susie said...

For the past 9 months I have grooved along with What Sucks. But ABBA sucks? No, ABBA does not suck! I propose a duel!

Bob Powers said...

I like brussel sprouts. I'm never visiting this blog again.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Chris, as usual.
BTW, that is one ugly baby toe.

Petiny said...

What I remember so far is that Eva Braun died together with Adolf in the bunker in Berlin while Allies were moving closer and closer. And the Czech nation has reprobated her.
Poor and sure destiny. I know because I'm czech ;)

Chris DeLuca said...

Good riddance sprout loving perv.

Mickey said...

I`m with the girlsarekinky guy too chris.

sus-yes abba sux, just ask art bell.

::art who?""