Friday, March 23, 2007

What Sucks… Grey’s Anatomy, Specifically George

Just a quick disclaimer here- once again, it’s not exactly my call that this show is on in my household but my wife likes it so we watch it- what can I say, I’m not the Taliban. Having said that, ahem, SPOILER ALERT!

Here’s a question, why call this show "Grey’s Anatomy" when it should so clearly be called the “GEORGE MCNALLY PITY-FUCK HOUR"?!

Holy crap, lightening has struck twice. If you watched last night (because your wife loves this show about sex addicts who are posing as doctors) George once again has sex with a girl way out of his league, and of course, falls apart because of it the next day. That guy is the beneficiary of more “drunk friend tail” (a technical term) than any man on earth- he’s a borderline predator.

As mentioned above, the next day George realizes that by again sleeping with a hot chick totally out of his league, he has once again ruined his life. I believe this idea was conveyed in a very stirring monologue by George at the top of act 3.

Oh, I can’t believe I had sex with the super-hot Izzy and cheated on my wife, an Amazon I married in a clear grief driven decision 24 hours after my father died, who also does the commercials for the Dove’s Real Women campaign. I can’t believe this happened, I’m so sad. I mean it was bad enough I had sex with the super-distraught, out of my league, Meredith last year, but Izzy? A model? Oh G-d, why have you forsaken me!?!!!!

Who’s left for George to sleep with? The entire cast hates McSteamy (not Irish) because he sleeps around but George has had sex with everyone except Bailey (let's be serious) and Addison (busy banging up a storm herself) and it's okay? Hypocrites! At least McSteamy is honest!

And YES! Yes, I am humiliated by how much I know about this show.

F'd a hot chick, huh? Tough break, I know. Hang in there.


LA said...

Great rant, and you make a very salient point. I completely agree with every word, except I don't think Meredith is hot in any way, shape, or form. Otherwise, right on.

dehumidifier said...

They are running out of sex partner combinations. This was bound to happen.

Anonymous said...

the only irony out there among the jerks who watch that shit is in the iron water stains in their toilet bowls.

Into which i have been puking since i found out "IF" was dead.

Learn a trade assholes!