Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What Sucks...You Can Get Moonlight Mile on iTunes Movies Now

And oh, cool Patriot Games is available now- and the Guardian too which stars Kevin Costner.

But mostly Moonlight Mile. Hey iTunes, I was hoping to download the first Scooby Doo movie, a couple of Mark Ruffalo romantic comedies and the straight to video Barbershop 4- can you hook me up?


dehumidifier said...

i can't believe you're making fun of moonlight mile when "rat race" is RIGHT THERE NEXT TO IT.

Chris DeLuca said...

I had to make a call, dude.

I'm sure if it went down the other way I would have gotten a "way to ignore Moonlight Mile" comment or two.

Plus, I'm a big Breckin Meyer apologist.