Thursday, February 15, 2007

What Sucks...The 1/2 Hour News Hour

This is one of the worst things I have ever seen and I saw “Stepmom” in the theater.

I know this hit yesterday so forgive me for coming in late but the Fox News Channel is trying to do a version of The Daily Show for conservatives and holy shit does it blow.

As piss-poor as this is, and it is piss-poor, these guys face an uphill battle. This Fox New/ Neo-con conservatism is inherently unfunny. It’s like trying to laugh with your landlord or credit card company.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s easy to laugh at neo-cons, but very hard to laugh with them. I wish it wasn’t. It would help if they were funnier. I wish I could say “After 9-11 you took advantage of America’s fear and fabricated a connection between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda to justify an invasion into Iraq which lead to the death of over 3000 US troops…quick, tell me a funny joke!”

Plus look at the clip they leaked from the show. 1st off- this is what they’re leaking? Yeesh. Nice Obama joke by the way. The guy sets it up by saying that only 8 percent of Americans are concerned by the fact that Obama’s middle name is “Hussein”. I have to say that number seems a little high. Who gives a shit- why do you keep mentioning it with the “weird name fascination” usually reserved for names such as “Dick Armey”. Now there’s a fucked up name that can be snickered at every time its mentioned. The guy’s name is like an Army of Dicks! Hilarious.

Check out the crowd shots in that video if you get a second. That’s a scene in America? Really? Looks like the Haitian people from 1984 are falling in love Obama too.

The whole thing is a mess – there’s clearly a laugh track which is common enough, but listen to it closely- those are only white laughs, aren’t they?

How’d they do that? Very creepy.


todd said...

I still can't get over this clip. Instead of satire, FOX is delivering D+ jokes zeroing in on Barack Obama's controversial middle name and the hilarious coincidence that his initials are "B.O." Stay tuned for tomorrow's episode, where they do five minutes on the fact that Obama's last name rhymes with "Osama." I'm just glad the fifth grade class clown at P.S. 19 is getting some comedy writing work. His (divorced) parents must be proud.

Also, classy move comparing Barack to Marion Barry. A lot of politicians have been linked, openly or allegedly, with cocaine use, but I'm glad FOX had the decency to choose the black guy. Way to stay topical with those references, too. Marion Barry was busted, what, 17 years ago? I heard Crispus Attucks had a snuff problem, but FOX couldn't find a stock etching of him.

You are dead-on about villains having a harder time getting people to laugh with them complicitly. I think that's why the press corps video where George Bush is looking under his Oval Office carpet for WMDs didn't go over like gangbusters. It was like watching Hitler jokingly posing in front of the showers at Dachau with a bathrobe, rubber ducky and flip-flops. (which still would have been funnier than Bush's video; Hitler has better comic timing.)

Shawn said...

That laugh track actually made me uncomfortable. Especially early on when it sounds like 5 rednecks in a gas station instead of a studio audience. That isn't really going to be a show is it?

Agreed on the sucks verdict.

Anonymous said...

was BO suppose to a joke about O oprah's mag? or is he supposed to have an odor problem?

Anonymous said...

Regarding that crowd shot you mentioned, the voice over is saying something about "It's official, the American people..." but showing images that clearly appear to be an African tribe... it's just Fox News trying to associate Obama with Black Africans in order to freak out white racists.

j said...

It's like somebody snuck 20 members of a high school "Students for Nixon" club into a Daily Show-type studio, convinced that blue lights and the janitors on a break as the audience would make it just the same as Stewart's show.

You watch it and it's uncomfortable in the same way that sitting next to that racist old uncle was at Christmas dinner when he had a few drinks and started telling the truly cringe-worthy jokes.