Friday, February 16, 2007

What Sucks...Sky Mall

Hey thanks for the free copy of shit I can’t really buy on an airplane. And thanks also for letting me know all about the products you sell. I had no idea I could chose from 200 different alarm clock/ CD players. Wow. I’m so glad this is here because when I was packing reading material, I totally forgot the Sharper Image, Brookstone, Spencer Gifts catalogs I had been planning on bringing with me to read. I can keep this? Really? Awesome, now when I land in Denver, I don’t have to have dinner with that Amway representative. You’ve saved me so much time, how can I ever thank you?

Hey by the way, your “SKY MALL” must have about 75 watch shops in it? Where’s your Cinnabon though? Because the two fatties I’m sitting in between, in your mall, would sure love something.

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