Friday, February 23, 2007

What Sucks...KFC

Colonel’s secret revealed- and its gross.

Of those 11 herbs and spices they keep so secret, could one of them be, perhaps, oh I don’t know…cheese?

Check out the video here and tell me that if this was animated how it wouldn't be the cutest thing you've seen all year. Why are cartoon mice okay but the real thing despised? Love all mice and rats, or hate all mice or rats- we're such hypocrites.

In all fairness, the place in question is a combo KFC AND Taco Bell, which makes it the Mecca for rats. Basically every rat you see in the subway are on their way to a combo KFC and Taco Bell.

1 comment:

BenOsilly said...

It aint gonna kill ya

Thats what my mom said when we saw this on TV

I fell out.