Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What Sucks...James Buchanan

With President’s day fresh in our memories honoring George Washington and Abe Lincoln, let us remember that the vast majority of our Presidents have been a-holes, and perhaps no one more so than James Buchanan. (Except obviously, George W. Bush)

Reading over Buchanan’s bio it seems the nicest thing any historian can say about him was that he was the only unmarried President to sit in the White House. During his tenure we would see the Dred Scott decision passed, the rights of slave owners strengthened, the union break apart and us almost go to war with Utah.

And yes while he remained un-married, many at the time felt it was because a misunderstanding with his one time fiancée resulted in her suicide, so in retrospect, he could have been a shitty husband too. On top of this, he also lived with the equally unmarried Rufus Devane King, a Senator from Alabama, for 16 years so he may not have been able to get married under existing law.

Hey A-hole, way to do nothing to stop the Civil War.

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Good for people to know.