Friday, February 02, 2007

What Sucks...Because I Said So

I don't want to over-state anything but if this thing makes money this weekend we should be attacked again.

Jesus, look at the trailer. I'd rather see a spot on my X-Ray. My eyes are burning. Not only is this a movie about 3 young women trying to get a 60 year old laid, not only does it end with that "Feel The Rain On Your Skin" song, it starts off with Diane Keaton in her "undies". NSFW! NSFL! (Not Safe For Life!) NSIYEWTAEA! (Not Safe If You Ever Want To Acheive Erection Again!)

You know, my mom recently turned 60 and she took it like a man. I don't know why, maybe because she had a life of acomplishment to look back on, maybe because she's not so vein to think that her self-esteem needs to be tied into her age. Just because you're not being aggresively marketed to, doesn't mean your life is over! Make a movie about THAT, Diane Keaton!

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