Sunday, January 07, 2007

What Sucks...Your Wife Physically Kicking Your Ass

It is a secret, shameful club, it’s membership not exactly known by anyone but yesterday, their weekly pick-up basketball games just got one of the best pure point guards ever.

Throw Jason Kidd into the pantheon of men who have come out in public to claim that they’ve been beaten by their wives.

He won't be alone there. He can talk physics with Stephen Hawking, baseball with Chuck Finley and have a beer with Kelly Carpenter (not confirmed!)

And of course, after everyone shares and talks it out, they'll be a sing-a-long with Lionel Richie.

Few options here: wife kicked my ass. (OR) Oh What A Feeling...when you’re wife beats the crap out of you. (OR) Say You, wife is a bad-ass, don’t mess with her. (OR) Easy...easy like getting my ass kicked by my wife.


Bensilly said...

Exactly why I never married....

Anonymous said...

I never should have either!