Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What Sucks...The Smiling Mugshot

Hey a-hole, you were just arrested, what are you smiling at?

Of the many items inside the giant bag of poop set on fire and left on our doorsteps by 2006, not the least shitty was the emergence of the smiling, (or in some cases, smirking) mug-shot.

I’m not looking for a throwback to simpler times, but how bout we go back to the era where people we’re ashamed of getting a mug shot? These things are supposed to be unpleasant, your picture is being taken to be put in a book of other a-holes, don’t fix your hair, fix your life.

Is this a fallout from the Nick Nolte thing? People want to look good as they are being brought into jail?

No more smiling or smirking. That’s why my hat’s off to Rip Torn. He looks fucking miserable, and he should.

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Bensilly said...

lol, rip-ped