Monday, January 22, 2007

What Sucks…The Painstakingly Long To Evolve Curse On The Cast of Barney Miller

Ron Carey is the latest victim of one of the most storied, and slow-ass curses to ever hit Hollywood. It has already lasted more than 3 times longer than the actual run of the show, and is still yet to completely unfold. But as the Reaper slowly works his was through the cast of Barney Miller, we are reminded that there are some curses for which there is no escape.

Who’s next? Wojciehwicz? Dietrich? Ron Glass? Which one is living on borrowed time?

Let's just pray its not Vigoda.

Think I'm lying? Ask Barbara Feldon about the curse on Get Smart. She how comfortable she sleeps. Then ask the cast of Night Court how many bailiffs beside Marsha Warfield show up cast reunions.

Ron Carey- RIP.


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What's taking so long on the curse on the cast of Cop Rock? Remember Cop Rock? Cop drama meets musical? Crossing fingers for DVD.