Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What Sucks...The Doomsday Clock

Worst clock ever!

All right, we get it, nukes are bad- but do we need this disconcerting clock?

Look at it- it’s a shitty clock- first off, it doesn’t have all the numbers, secondly it only has one hand and thirdly, if it hits midnight, we’re all dead in a fiery nuclear holocaust.

Seriously though, this clock sucks. It’s set up just to scare us. Let’s say we do some crazy, dramatic, turnaround and get all the nuclear weapons off the face of the earth and somehow reduce global warming to where it allows the planet to recover. What’s the clock gonna read, 3:15? No, the earliest it looks like it can read is quarter to. Looks like it’s time for some bullshit there, that thing is a downer.

Another thing, if there really IS a nuclear catastrophe, is this thing really going to read midnight? I don’t think so, the guy who’s job it is to set it up is either gonna be goo, or be so far the fuck away from the clock when the big one DOES go off, its still gonna read 6 minutes to midnight.

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Charles Coderre said...

the sponsoring magazine shoukd call themselves "the bullshittin of the atomc scientists"