Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What Sucks...The People


What else did the people have to chose from? Were ALL the people chosing, collectively being ironic?

By the way in case you missed it, here are the People's Choice Awards that didn't make it into the show, given out earlier in the day. Apparently there are a lot of categories and it takes you a long time to vote when you go to the website.

Least Likely To Get An Asian Chick: Charlie Gibson

Best Pop Up Ad: University of Phoenix

Biggest Perv: John Mark Karr

Coolest Dude (ironic): K-Fed

Best Album (ironic): K-Fed, Playing With Fire

Biggest Douchebag: K-Fed

Biggest Douchebag (ironic): Barack Obama

Best Towel: Annur Towel, 100% Cotton (Bed Bath and Beyond)

Best Towel (beach): Carona Extra Label (oversize)

Best Paparazzi "Female Privates" Shot: Lindsay Lohan

Best Actor In Babel: Mohamed Akhzam (bus driver guy)

Congrats to all the winners.


Bob said...

It's "John Mark Karr." You're confusing him with Mark David Chapman. You should be confusing him with John Mark Byers, who was an underrated perv and perhaps the most underrated child-killer in history. John Mark Karr: extremely overrated child-killer, accurately rated perv.

Chris DeLuca said...

thanks- fixed. Wasn't Beyers in that HBO thing about the Vampire killer pervs?

So many pervs, so hard to keep track- why can't there be a registry or something?

Bob said...

Paradise Lost. John Mark Byers did it. The kids just liked metal.