Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What Sucks...Grey's Anatomy

First off, it’s not exactly my call that this show is on in my home at 9PM on Thursday nights, I don’t get to make all the decisions in my household, if my wife wants to watch Grey’s Anatomy, she gets to. I’m not the Taliban, okay? None of this is your business anyway, so get out of my bedroom.

That being said, there’s a lot of bullshit floating around the top rated, Golden Globe winning Seattle Grace.

POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERTS (but really I’m doing you a favor)


Can I please not be subjected to another scene where I get attitude from Izzy? Am I supposed to feel sympathy for her? She’s lucky she’s not behind bars. She killed a guy. Also, she’s a multimillionaire. And her friends are retarded- why are they so understanding? She made everyone at Seattle Grace an accomplice to murder. How long do you think George is gonna last in the big house if it comes to it?

Here’s an interesting question- does Seattle have cops? Because if it does, can maybe one of them get off his/ her fat ass and ask a question or two?

Here’s a quick recap, Columbo- Izzy got a sick man to fall for her, bequeath an $8 million inheritance check oh and “accidentally die” while she was doing a unsanctioned, unethical, experimental procedure to get him a heart transplant. What doesn’t stink like shit about this?

Then she tells everyone they were going to get married (which no one has a problem believing) and goes on to make a big show on how she can’t cash the check because she’s “traumatized”. Traumatized? How bout “doesn’t want to show ‘motive’”?

Am I being too coy here? SHE KILLED DENNY! Jesus, we had less evidence on Saddam.

Look at the profile: poor, unstable girl from a trailer park haunted by a child she had to give up for adoption, “models” (read: hooks) her way through med school, currently has no fixed address- even though she is a doctor and must be able to afford a place. Add this on to the colossal breakdown she had after Denny’s death where she does nothing but cook muffins and what we have is someone who is trying to throw cops off her trail.

And she has the balls to be indignant when they suggest that maybe she shouldn’t practice surgery until she gets proper counseling? I wouldn’t allow her in my hospital as a patient- she’s a fucking killer!

You're rich? Sure I'll be your wife, ooh your vitals aren't looking good.


The 2nd biggest bullshit storyline of the season- McSteamy, who clearly can’t get it up if he’s not fucking someone Patrick Dempsey is fucking. Hey dude, let me connect the dots for you, cut out the middle woman and fuck Patrick Dempsey!

By the way, why are these assholes “MIC-Dreamy” and “MIC-Steamy”? Are either one of them Irish? Their names are Sheppard and Sloan. And while we’re on the subject of McSteamy, he’s the big-time douchebag at Seattle Grace- but why? Because he tries to sleep around? That’s why they hate him? Hypocrites! Is there anyone on that show who hasn’t fucked? The chief is cheating on his wife with a woman with Alzheimer’s for Christ sakes, but McSteamy’s a bad guy cause he’s trying to get laid.

How dare he.


julius said...

Also, why is McSteamy constantly drinking "bone dry cappuccinos?" Does he really have to work the word "bone" into his coffee order?

Pale Male said...

i hope a future post will address

why the human/manatee hybrid

that is Sandra Oh

is covering up for known racist

dehumidifier said...

I like this show. It's because I'm a girl.

Mestupiddotcom said...

Why is it that gills like that ghey-wad crap?

Anonymous said...

true dat, this show sucks the big one. It's hacky, contrived and retarded. Poop on you Dr. Grey!

a passerby said...

i can't agree more. but the most item for me is meredith grey, the role and the actress herself.

a passerby said...

i mean the most hated item