Monday, January 08, 2007

What Sucks…Ghostbusters 2: A What Sucks In Depth Series: Sequels That Suck V. 1

Ghostbusters was an amazing movie. Funny, smart, well written and directed. It features an outstanding performance by Bill Murray, great showings by Harold Ramis, Rick Moranis and one of the last documented instances of Dan Aykroyd being funny on film (he was blown by a ghost!). In fact, the film gets a great performances from nearly everyone who appears in it- from Annie Potts, to the guy who played Lenny the Mayor, to the handsome cab driver who calls Rick Moranis an asshole. In addition, they had one of the best “a-hole” guys ever to appear on film, as the film’s bad guy- I’m talking of course of the grossly under-rated William Atherton- who played the EPA guy, “Dickless”. Atherton, of course went on to play memorable a-holes in Real Genius and of course he was the dickhead reporter in Die Hard but here in Ghostbusters, you really see a solid performance by maybe the best guy to play an a-hole in films in the 1980’s, all apologies to William Zabka.

Ghostbusters 2 however, sucked.

There are worst sequels I suppose, but have their been any more disappointing? The entire cast was back- as was the original director. It just should have been better.


Was it the bad guy? Atherton’s storied performance was handed over to Peter MacNichol, who would later find fame as the guy from Ally McBeal. He’s a fine character actor I suppose, but he just couldn’t deliver what we got from Atherton. I know his role was different, but I think his purpose was the same. His character gets possessed restoring some picture…the ghost in the picture wants to kidnap a baby…its confusing and complex.

Ghostbusters 1- Gozer comes back looking to cause the end of days, the Ghostbusters turn him into the Stay Puff Marshmallow-Man, and then save the world. It has Joe Franklin, Casey Kasem and the late great Roger Grimsby in it as themselves.

Ghostbusters 2- There are rivers of slime running under New York, a picture is being restored, instead of giving Bill Murray all the funny lines like they did in the first film, they try and spread out the smart-ass hero lines to Ramis, Aykroyd and Sigourney Weaver. Finally a baby is kidnapped by a ghost, the GB’s develop “good” slime, use the Statue of Liberty as a weapon and save the world. No Kasem, not even Larry King.

It just doesn’t measure up.


Anonymous said...

what sucks: your blog.

Anonymous said...

Ghostbusters 2 did suck.
I think it was mainly do to the lame ass villain.

Anonymous said...

I think it was an overall o.k movie, until you saw the villian, which looked like a neanderthall. Oh and the good slime stuff was kinda eh.

Anonymous said...

You don't seem to know why Ghostbusters 2 sucks at all. You're right about the parts that didn't work, but...why did it happen?!

London said...

Five paragraphs of pointless observations and questions constitute "In depth?" Your writing sucks a lot more than the GB sequel.

Chris DeLuca said...

I understand. We all wanted GB2 to be good, but it didn't deliver, and many of us are to this day asking why. I understand your pain and forgive you for this comment made today, on 12/29/2015, on a blog post, made in 2007.