Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What Sucks...Cathy

Is Cathy supposed to be funny? Because reading this is making me very uncomfortable. It’s like a someone I know is clearly struggling with an eating disorder, suffering greatly from insecurity and a poor body image, and on top of all that, does not have a nose.

This series of strips are taken almost entirely consecutively. For almost two weeks Cathy has been obsessing over her dress size and her weight. I can only imagine this story line will end when Irving comes home to tell her he’s fucking his secretary. Nice job Cathy, push another man away all he did was love you.

Yeesh, I feel like calling my R.A.

Whatever you have to tell yourself. Looks like someone will be using a finger size 2, to reach down a throat size 4.

Would someone please draw a Puerto Rican guy in this strip so she can get some lovin'?

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samuel said...

The Comic Strip Doctor just did an article about Cathy which you might find interesting.