Thursday, January 18, 2007

What Sucks...Alcoholism, Unchecked

PREDICTION: The “Paula Abdul shitfaced on American Idol” episode is closer than you think.

And this won’t be “fun, endearing ‘Dean Martin’ drunk”, no- this will be, and I believe the clinical term for it is, “mom making your friends uncomfortable” drunk.

THE BET: Paula does not make it back to LA without being visibly hammered on TV.

If I’m lying, I’m buying. I’ll bet each reader of this blog one beer that she’s hammered before the show hits Los Angeles I guess that’s about 2 weeks, probably less. If I’m wrong, just come up to me if you see me in a bar, with this posting printed out, and I will buy you a beer. If I’m right- and I will be right, just, when you see me, buy me a beer.

And I know she looked like she had it together this week but that only makes it harder for her next week.

With apologies to Jeff Forxworthy, if there are multiple clips of you on the internet being hammered on TV…

Paula Drunk.
Paula Drunker.
Paula just, this is disturbing.

…and if you google "your name" and "drunk" and get 772 thousand hits…

…and if headlines read “Paula Abdul Drunk On TV AGAIN”, you my friend may be a boozehound.

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Mickey said...

Wow ! Nice pic.

Guess I`m glad she sucks.