Monday, December 04, 2006

What Sucks…Voting For The Guy You “Could Have A Beer With”

This is the worst reason to vote for someone.

First off, the guy will never have a beer with you. You’re kidding yourselves, he’s a rich millionaire, you have ketchup on your shirt- again. No offense, he can do better. You don’t even know if he drinks beer and if he does, there’s no way they would hang out at the places you drink at.

Secondly, it just doesn’t lead to good decision making. It’s not that far of a stretch to think that a person you would want to have a beer with would pick a fight with someone, and then have it turn out he had the wrong guy. It is certainly in the realm of possibility that that can happen.

I have beer with people all the time, if any of them were president I’d be scared shitless. I used to have beers with my college roommate. Constantly. He once tried to fuck a plant.

Most of the time, you don't want someone you want to have a beer with as the President. There are a few exceptions- Teddy Roosevelt, Andrew Jackson (had to have some great stories) but for the most-part, you want someone you DON'T want to have a beer with as Pres.

Take a look at the 43 Presidents, there’s maybe 6 guys in there you’d drink with. One started us into Vietnam, one into Iraq, another was insane enough to build up our nukes to a point where our nemesis basically went broke trying to match him and one got caught fucking one of his interns.

Vote for people who best serve your issues, hang out with people who you want to have beer with.

Fun to drink with.

Probably not fun to drink with.

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