Thursday, December 28, 2006

What Sucks…Those Plastic 6 Pack Rings: A What Sucks Equal Time Debate! Part 1

Plastic 6 Pack Rings. So beautiful fastening 6 beers together, yet so disturbing around the heads of baby ducks.

Yes they keep our beers together but at what price? Simply put, these things are a menace to nature and have ruined the lives of countless ducks and turtles around the world. These pictures tell the sad story.

Poor duck.

A damaged turtle.

So can’t we come up with a better way of holding our beverages together?

Oh wait, seems we have. So what is it? An irrational hatred of ducks and turtles? Or is it laziness? Come on people, we can do better than this. Plastic 6 pack ring things suck, cut them up after you use them, or let’s ban them altogether!


wade said...

chris scolded me at my last job when he saw me throwing out an uncut plastic 6 pack thingy.

i promise to always cut them for now on.

viva the environment

Anonymous said...

Thank you Americans for saving the world!

Anonymous said...

thanks for getting people knowing of this problem! and that turtle pic was soooooooo cruel, now i will cut my plastic 6 pack things up :). and did you know beer companies are making metal 6 pack things :( , even more damage! please try to go beat that thought soon! :D thanks

Anonymous said...

i didnt know it was that bad of a problem,and they are making metal 6 pack things?if they are,i not buying any beer that has that

Anonymous said...

so sad and thank you for helping the world! :D