Thursday, December 14, 2006

What Sucks...The Reaper and His Hard-On For Character Actors

It's getting tiresome. Peter Boyle, well known for, and great in "Everybody Loves Raymond", "Young Frankenstein" and incredibly under-rated in "Johnny Dangerously" (he played the boss of Michael Keaton's family who survives an attempt on his life, and mistakes the toilet handle for his privates) as well as a number of other films and plays died yesterday in NY.

Reaper- you have Knotts, Kirby, Palance, Weaver, Warden and now Boyle- will your thirst for character actors ever be quelled?

Peter Boyle- RIP.


Anonymous said...

what about orbach?

my pillow is stained with the Tears of Orbach

Anonymous said...

Orbach's death is probably what hooked the reaper in the first place. Sweet, sweet Orbach- RIP.

Anonymous said...

I once got into a cab cab that Orcbach was getting out of. The back seat was clean enough to eat off of.