Monday, December 11, 2006

What Sucks...The NBA's New Ball

It’s out. Replaced by the old ball January 1st.

Let’s remember the highlights…

CLICK HERE FOR MONTAGE. No, actually don't. There is no montage. I’m not sure on how to do video here (I have a mac FYI comment leavers). And I didn’t cut together a montage. Oh well, here’s what it would have looked like...

Time of Your Life by Green Day plays as...

…A ball bounces off Sam Cassell’s foot. His face crinkles up and he begins to resemble ET.

…A ball bounces off the foot of various NBA point guards, Luke Ridnour, Kirk Hinrich and finally Jason Williams, subtly implying that only white guys play point guard.

...A shot of Sebastian Telfair actually playing, then losing a ball.

…A shot of a Vince Carter launching a 25 foot bomb against the Wizards that just dies on the rim and goes in.

…A shot of Steve Nash bouncing the ball, then looking at his hand, which the ball “cuts”.

…A shot of Eddy Curry just looking like Wilt Chamberlain, scoring at will, grabbing 11 rebounds per game, dropping 20 points and over every night for the past 3 weeks including 36 the other night in Milwaukee. He is/ was the king of the new ball era.

…A shot of Kobe missing a shot and not running up court. Oh wait, that’s the montage for the “old ball”.

…A shot of Rasheed Wallace coldly staring off camera, cut to what he’s staring at, a new ball.

Thanks for meeting me half way on the montage. If anyone would like to build this, you have too much time. Me, I’m just happy the old ball is back, and I’m sure many of the NBA players are too, I think it’s where a lot of them kept their weed.

King of the new ball era.


Anonymous said...

love the montage

Ben said...

[Sam Casell's] face crinkles up and he begins to resemble ET


Anonymous said...

check 'new ball sucks' pic on

clever take on new york knicks logo.