Thursday, December 07, 2006

What Sucks...Sneak Attacks!

Other days that live in infamy...

January 23, 1993. 1st recorded instance of people "cybering". (On dial up.)

October 27, 1941. Alan and Anne Marie Trickle of Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, make the unfortunate decision to forgo naming their newborn and future racecar driving legend child after Alan's brother Karl, choosing instead to name him after Anne dad, Richard, thus a child named Dick Trickle is brought into the world.

April 7th, 1857. Shortly after the first elevator was installed in a New York City building, a group of people entered it, pressing nearly every button to get to their desired floor. Sadly, one of them, uncomfortable with the silence utters "looks like we're on the local".

June 4th, 1971. Noah Wyle is born.

November 11th 1976. The comic strip Cathy is debuted.

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