Sunday, December 17, 2006

What Sucks...Natasha Lyonne

Nowhere in the 'young Hollywood actress having a break-down playbook' does the phrase "threaten to molest someone's dog" appear.

I've looked- you can drive drunk as much as you like- you can do your whole eating disorder thing- you can get arrested, do serious drugs, flash your female private parts, drop a baby, get into car accidents, make a sex tape, beat the crap out of someone- even do all 4 of those things in one night (Michelle Rodriguez, God bless you.) But molesting doggies? No. No way. You're over the line.

Get some help, Nastasha, you perv.


Erik said...

Have you seen this article about when Michael Rappaport rented an apartment to Natasha? She's absolutely off of her rocker.

Here's the link:

Erik said...

Oh, the article is from Jane magazine, and can be found in those links at the end of the article, in all of its scanned goodness.