Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What Sucks...Damaging Private Property

Just a quick shout out on one of those things we all know, and something that sucks that pretty much goes without saying- and that’s when some of your stuff is vandalized or damaged.

Be it someone breaking into your car to try and steal your radio, or someone vandalizing the elevator in your apartment building or even defacing a public park in your neighborhood. It sucks and needs to be stopped. Not really neccessary to put a link in here as too often your own local papers are chock full of stories of senseless (and expensive to repair!) vandalism.

Here's hoping this problem goes down in 2007!

Link not necessary to click, just one story in a million unfortunately of vandalism occurring.

A shame when this happens.

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Bob said...


I'm surprised Deluca didn't announce that his blog was "going dark" until the perpetrators were tried and hanged.

Seriously, send him some emails. Underneath that tough guy facade is some big fat hairy mourning.