Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What Sucks...'Other Party' Options On Your Ballot

You think Democrats and Republicans suck?

Well they do. Seriously, they absolutely blow.

But Jesus, look at 3rd party options. They suck too.

You got Socialist Party Candidates, Communist Party Candidates, something called the US Taxpayers Party- the system is MAKING me vote for Bob Menendez!

Not like they were ever any good to begin with but 3rd party options in the last 25 years have really hit the shitter. Most recently we had the Reform Party, and the best they could do was Ross Perot and Jesse Ventura. Read that sentence again. Reform = an insane, billionaire dwarf and a governor who was a wrestler and in the film “Predator”.

The Green Party gave us Ralph Nader and thus, you might say, George W. Bush. Thanks a lot you environmentally conscious a-holes.

Now on the ballot we have something called the “Natural Law Party” or is it the “United Party”, because you know, in 2004 they merged. Oh to be at that meeting admist all the delegates, and yell out “Hey…who gives a shit?”

And of course the aforementioned “US Taxpayers Party". Here’s their website , I’ve looked at it about 4 times, (which is 2 over the amount of times I like to review something before I write about how it sucks on this blog), and I still don’t know what they stand for. They just keep saying “grassroots” a lot. I don’t think those fuckers vote for themselves.

Then there’s the Libertarian Party. Financially conservative, socially somewhat liberal, sounds good- you wonder why they haven’t been able to…oh, they love pot and are constantly high. Great.

Why remain on ballots? Has there ever been any chance of victory for any of these clowns? Why not combine all your support together and break double digits in some places?

Can you believe that there are worse parties than the 2 big ones?

Basically, if the ballot was etched out on a turd, it would be redundant.

Seldom Seen Bumper Sticker

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dehumidifier said...

Did you see the name of the party that Lieberman ran under in Connecticut? It was like the "People of Connecticut for Lieberman Who Are Not Lieberman Party" . What I'd like to see is someone else try to run under that name.