Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What Sucks...Justin Morneau MVP?

Are you kidding me? Derek Jeter is the biggest winner to walk the face of the earth. Morneau's not even the most valuable dude on the Twins!

Just look at the numbers...


Batting Average: .321
Home Runs: 34
RBI: 130

Batting Average: .343
Home Runs: 14
RBI: 97
Biels: 1

Jeter scored a lot of runs, had a high on base percentage and won a gold glove at shortstop as the Yankee captain. But really what is comes down to is the intangibles. Jeter hit .381 in the clutch, and perhaps most impressively, led the league in Biels .

How much more of a winner does the Jeter (who has 4 rings) have to be to get an MVP? His distinguished career is marked by him excelling in the clutch, putting out a cologne and in the past leading the league in Alba's, Miss Universe's, Jordana Brewster's and Mariah Carey's*.

*denotes "back when that shit meant something".

Should count for something.

As for Morneau, he’s Canadian. Also, he’s never lead the lead in Biels. Solid player, but leading the league in “Joann Smiths” or whoever, is not MVP type of stuff.

Canadian AND did not lead the league in Biels.


Anonymous said...

Fuck you the only reason Jeter maybe should have won the MVP is because he's an american like you and is therefore acting on half a brain you stupid fucking yank. Just for that I'd give it to him out of pity.
Jeter is hitting in a stacked line-up and therefore sees a lot more fastballs than Morneau.

Anonymous said...

3 years later and I still cant believe I just read that. Jeter is not worthy to carry Morneau's jock strap.