Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What Sucks...Isiah Thomas

Basketball season started yesterday and with all the excitement about Halloween, I feel like I really dropped the ball by forgetting to say Isiah Thomas sucks.

Good thing it pretty much goes without saying.

Forget that in his tenure he’s made about 9 trades and signed about 5 or six guys who have brought nothing to the table, adding millions of dollars to the Knicks payroll in the process. Forget that he’s been sued for sexual harassment and has fired 2 Hall of Fame coaches. Forget that the Knicks lost not only what turned out to the number two overall pick in last year’s draft and that he will lose what could also be the number one draft pick this year for Eddy Curry. Forget that he had former coach Don Chaney escorted out of Madison Square Garden by security. Forget that in a past life Isiah Thomas killed the CBA and that just last week, he cut Jalen Rose, who’s expiring 16.9 million dollar contract could have been traded this year for something. Forget all that.

This is a year for you to just sit back, maybe check out a few Knick games (there will be tickets available) and wait for Isiah to be fired. It has to happen. Enjoy the madness- read ESPN.COM's The Sports Guy who is always at his best when discussing Isiah and enjoy the last days of this terrible era.

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Anonymous said...

"Zeke" is latin for suck.