Friday, November 03, 2006

What Sucks...This Kid

Check out this douchebag.

You think Post headline writers thought God was smiling on them that day? Could they squeeze one more joke on there? What, no room for "Student Costume Just Not Reich!", "Hitler Youth" or "Kid Expelled in Final Solution"?

If you look inside, they did a nice job too with "Brooklyn HS Gives Boy Das Boot for Sick or Treat".

As for the kid he dressed up in the costume again the next day to insist he was using his right to free speech to lampoon Hitler, again giving the world what looked to be the worst press conference ever.

It was also revealed that on the way to school on Halloween, he must have known he would get his ass kicked so he dressed as Charlie Chaplin, which seriously, should have gotten his ass kicked anyway.

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GorillaSushi said...

He looks more like a Ghost-Buster.