Friday, November 17, 2006

What Sucks...Domino's "Brooklyn Style" Pizza

“Brooklyn” Style Domino’s Pizza?

Balls, Domino’s. That's what you have evoking the word “Brooklyn” in description of your “food stuff” pizza.

By the way, take a look here at what Domino’s considers Brooklyn.

Domino's vision of Brooklyn.

Yeah, it's like I'm reading Walt Whitman. Jesus. That website is a hate crime. Seriously, if I pitched this thing as a commercial parody at MAD TV, I’d be in sensitivity class on Monday morning. Who directed this thing, the ghost of DW Griffin? Can you squeeze a couple of more Italian America stereotypes in there? Where’s the short guy with the bushy mustache eating a meatball?

Clearly Domino’s hates Brooklyn or thinks at least thinks it’s an eclectic collection of cartoonish caricatures. Click on the black guy eating a slice- ha, ha- you can’t hear him talk because he plays his “Brooklyn Beat Box” so loud. You know what else is loud, Domino’s? Racism. Racism is loud you "crazy bread" delivering freaks.

How bout the cab driver of Middle Eastern descent? He has a funny accent, ha, ha- we're better than him. Never mind he probably has two jobs and sends most of his checks home to help his family.

The ones who take the biggest hit here though are the Italians. Not only do we get represented by the guindaloon with the weights on the roof who's yelling at his mother from two doors down, we also have to deal with Domino’s destroying our food, the pizza which they continue to offer with bacon and BBQ chicken.

Brooklyn Style. Hey Domino's, you suck.


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MoniqueMeinecke said...

We ordered one for the first time Saturday night. It was delicious !!!

Anonymous said...

When you move from NY area to the Midwest, this was a surprising effort at a real New York style pizza. Certainly way better than any of the local places can do, and from Domino's? Color me impressed.